Rental Information

Bethel Bur-Ton Conference Center
The Bethel Bur-Ton Conference Center is a large meeting and lecture hall. Historically, it was a bamboo museum when the property was a USDA plant introduction station. Today, the Conference Center houses a lobby with coat-check, two restrooms and a high-ceiling hall with exposed wooden rafters. There is a kitchen and food-prep area in the main hall. An outdoor patio, the Eck Plaza, is included for use when you rent the Conference Center. This paved patio is covered and has tables, lighting and ceiling fans. An appointment is required to view our rental building facilities. Please call (912) 921-5460 to schedule your viewing appointment with a CGBG representative.

  • The Conference Center's hall will house up to 100 people with lecture-style seating. Depending on the table arrangements, the fall will hold up to 75 people. Large round tables typical of more formal wedding receptions reduces capacity, perhaps 40 to 55 guests.
  • Catering services, decorations and clean-up are the responsibility of the renter.
  • The Conference Center is very popular for weddings. It's often used for the reception while the wedding ceremony is held nearby outdoors in our Cottage Garden or on the Mediterranean Garden entrance lawn.
  • Fee Schedule
    Time Frame Rental Fee Damage Deposit  Additional Hours 
    Half-day (4 hrs.) $700 $500* $200/hr
    Full day (8 hrs.) $1100 $500* $200/hr

    *The damage deposit is refundable provided no damage occurs to structures, hardscapes or plants in our garden collections.

    All set-up and cleanup must be accomplished within the allotted rental period.