What is a Botanical Garden?
  • While locals may still call us by the nickname "the Bamboo Farm," our property has not been a farm since 1919. For sixty years, this property was a U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Introduction Station. In 1983, when the University of Georgia acquired the land, it became an education and research center. Today, we are transforming into a regional botanical garden. We may have you-pick berry fields, but we do not have farm animals nor do we produce hay, grains or other farm items for sale.
  • A botanical garden is living museum. Think of it much like a zoo, but instead of curating exotic and native animals for display and education, the botanical garden manages a wide array of plants. Staff invests resources on plant collection health, understanding/evaluation, and display.

    Botanical gardens foremost require that visitors respect their plants. That includes not harming trees and their roots, refraining from picking or damaging plant flowers or fruits, not taking cuttings without expressed permission, and no horseplay in the garden beds. Botanical gardens are not places to play frisbee or ball, climbing on historic trees, trampling irrigation emitters and plants in beds, or allowing your leashed dog to relieve himself on or in our living plant collection. These activities are to be done elsewhere. Please respect our mission of curating plants. Those who disregard etiquette will be asked to leave.